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I offer newborn portrait photography sessions that are candid and conducted outdoors in a natural setting.

My newborn sessions are $850 and include 200+ high resolution digital images, and run for approximately 1-2 hours.


(Subscription Available $79 p/m)


My focus is to capture the bond between your new addition and your entire family, particular if there are other children involved. I believe that this is an important aspect of newborn photography, as it helps to tell the full story of your family's journey, and teach other children how their new sibling fits into their family unit. 

My sessions are conducted at a comfortable pace, with no time pressure or need for props or undressing Bub. This allows us to capture all the required images while keeping Bub content and comfortable in your arms. I understand traditional newborn photography can be stressful, which is why I strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all involved. 

I recommend brining along a neutral picnic blanket to help create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the session. This can be a great spot for the family to cuddle up and bond with their new addition. If there are other siblings involved, it may also be helpful to bring along a favourite storybook to keep them engaged during the session. 

Additionally, consider brining along a platter of snacks to enjoy during the session. While it may be difficult to keep little ones from getting their hands on the treats, it can be a nice way to help pass the time and keep everyone energised, especially mum if she's breastfeeding! Just be aware that it may take some effort to keep snacks out of the frame of the photographs once kids get their hands on them. 

Inviting grandparents or other important family members to your newborn session can be a great way to include them in the photographs and to celebrate the new addition to your family. It can also be helpful to have extra hands on deck to assist with other siblings while we focus on capturing intimate moments between the parents and the new baby. Grandparents and other loved ones can help keep older siblings entertained and engaged, allowing us to focus on creating beautiful, candid photos of the whole family. 

My newborn photography packages includes all the best images from the session, delivered via a private online gallery. There are no additional hidden fees for digital images, though prints are not included in the package. 

You're welcome to style your session to your liking, with my guidance if you desire. I also encourage mothers to participate in breastfeeding photos if they feel comfortable during the session, not only will this possibly be necessary for Bub comfort, but I hear many mothers voice their regrets for missing these photos in later years. 

Thank you for considering one of my newborn sessions, I look forward to hopefully working with you to capture beautiful candid memories for your family. 


The session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer and all that is required to run a successful and professional business.

Digital images are delivered via a private online gallery.

Session fees are due at time of booking to confirm the booking date.

Full payment is required to secure a booking date.

Image turn around time is 2-8 weeks. Please expect a longer turn around period in the months August - December. 

For sessions held in a 30km radius of Samford Valley no travel fees will apply. For locations that exceed 30km, a travel fee will apply.

Outdoor natural light sessions will only be conducted in the afternoon during the golden hour, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

Indoor sessions can be conducted at any time of the day, usually scheduled to commence at 10am.​

Newborn sessions can be conducted at any age, but to be sure baby is sleepy sessions are best held during the first 2 weeks from birth.

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