The Dayboro location is a scenic dirt road neighboured by two paddocks, one that tends to have cows and the other has Horses.This is a quiet public road, so during a session we need to be very mindful of cars passing through. There is also limited parking along the road, I usually direct clients to park at a particular end of the road and then we walk in.  



The Highvale location is on a private dairy farm property. This property widely overlooks Mount Nebo & Mount Glorious and the sunsets over the cows roaming in the paddocks. This property has plenty to offer so we tend to wander here and there throughout sessions.


**The property owners request a $25 fee per hour for this location, this can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. 


The Mount Samson location is also on private property. This property offers scenic mountain and paddock views. Cows also roam throughout this property moving from paddock to paddock, so depending which paddock the cows are in will determine which paddock we conduct the session in.This location has lots to offer so we tend to take a stroll to various spots during a session.  


Samford Valley is full of really beautiful creeks, perfect for family photos during the warmer months. The creek locations are typically suited to the more adventurous families who don't mind walking along bushy creek trails down to the water, wearing mosquito repellant and splashing around in the water. Kids tend to have a lot of fun at photo shoots at the creek!  


The Olive Grove is located just outside of Dayboro on a private piece of property, also available as an Airbnb. This location is subject to the Airbnb's availability and would need to be booked well in advance. There is a location fee or families are welcome to book a stay at the Airbnb and I can conduct the family photo shoot while you're there.


"Keep in mind all of the locations I have to offer are on farm and in natural settings so there are lots of hazards to avoid. There are barb wire fences, rocky roads, prickles in the grass, ants and possibly snakes (However in 5 years of being a photographer I’ve never seen a snake in a photo shoot!). We will also need to keep an eye out for passing cars while shooting on driveways, and avoid leaving our belongs on driveways. I recommend wearing stylish enclosed footwear or spraying your feet with bug spray to prevent ant bites if anyone is wearing sandals. Children tend to be quite interested in the cattle, at no time will I direct you and your family to enter a paddock with large animals. If you don’t feel comfortable with your session at these locations please let me know and we can make other arrangements. "