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Hi there! My name is Amie and I'm a natural light portrait photographer with nearly a decade of experience in the industry.


Over the years, I have had the privilege of conducting thousands of shoots as a family and wedding portraits photographer, and have worked with all sorts of personalities in a variety of situations.


One thing that I pride myself on is being a down-to-earth, people person. I have a natural ability to adapt to any situation, make clients feel comfortable and always manage to produce high quality work that exceeds my clients' expectations, no matter what obstacles come my way.


Photography originally started out as a hobby for me, as I enjoyed taking photos of my dogs and capturing the beauty of nature with my subject as an emotional element.


These days, I am living out my dream as a full-time photographer in my tiny home in Samford Valley, which I built with my own hands. In my spare time, I have also begun dabbling in videography and create video content for a YouTube channel where I share my alternative lifestyle.

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