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Hello there! I'm Amie, an experienced natural light portrait photographer with almost a decade of expertise in the industry. As a family and wedding portraits photographer, I've had the pleasure of conducting numerous shoots, working with diverse personalities in various settings.


I take pride in being a down-to-earth, people-oriented professional, adept at adapting to any situation and ensuring clients feel at ease. My commitment to producing exceptional work that surpasses expectations remains unwavering, regardless of challenges faced.


Photography initially started as a hobby, capturing the emotional essence of my subject, be it my adorable dogs or the mesmerizing beauty of nature.


Today, I'm living my dream as a full-time photographer, based in Samford Valley, where I've built my own tiny home. In my spare time, I've also ventured into videography, creating engaging content for my YouTube channel that showcases my alternative lifestyle. Let's connect and create extraordinary visual stories together.

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