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Why Family Portraits Are Important

Family portraits have always been rather popular. As a child I’m sure you may recall seeing family portraits displayed on the walls of your grandparents’ home. However, since the rise of social media it seems many of us who invest in family photography don’t necessarily display them on our walls but rather share them on social media platforms.

There are many reasons why family photography may hold significant importance to our family. Some of the most important effects family portraits have on our children may not be understood or utilised when portraits are not displayed on the walls of your home. We may forget that our children don’t typically have access to social media where they can view their family portraits and learn your family values.

Many Psychologists across the globe have begun researching the benefits family portraits have on a child’s self-esteem. A child viewing a family or self-portrait daily helps them develop a sense of self and shows them where they come from and where they belong.

It’s important for children to see themselves as a valuable and important member of their family unit. Family portraits act as a visual reminder that their family is always there to support them no matter what difficulties arise.

My job as a family portrait photographer is to capture images that demonstrate a safe and protected holding place for kids, emphasizing the family’s uniqueness and story with an artistic candid approach.

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